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Lecturer: David Bomzon

Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture for treating Neurological diseases and chronic/acute pain
Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) is named after the Japanese physician Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto, who developed this acupuncture system in 1973.

YNSA is used to treat neurological conditions, and is both effective and immediate in stroke patients with pain and/or restricted mobilitiy. As a result, the use of YNSA comprises basic acupuncture points (somatopes)mainly on the scalp, as well as on other body regions.

In addition to providing symptomatic relief, YNSA is sometimes curative.
The workshop is an active learning seminar during which the participants will learn the YNSA macros stem acupuncture points, which were described by Yamamoto and which are currently used to effectively treat a wide range of neurological and orthopedic conditions.

To whom the course is adressed:
The course is addressed to students, acupunctrists and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, soujok practitioners, physiotherapists and medical doctors.

Course Outcome
At the end of the workshop, each participant will have an understanding of YNSA and acquire the basic skills to apply YNSA to a patient with acute or chronic pain or a neurological disease. This newly acquired skill should become part of the practitioner ́s therapeutic tool box and stimulate the participant to expand her/his knowledge on the application of YNSA with other therapeutic modalities in other clinical settings.


David Bomzon and Avi Amir, small introduction to YNSA

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1. Introduction
2. Learning the location and function of the basic points: A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H.
3. Learning Ypsilon, internal organs points and cranial nerve points.
4. Neck and elbow diagnosis
5. I,J, and K somatopes
6. Tinnitus and master key points
7. Learning when and how to apply YNSA
8. Demonstration of YNSA treatment

The overall learning objective of the workshop is to teach the participant about the background of YNSA and how to use YNSA to treat patients with acute or chronic pain or a neurological disease such as:
– Symptoms of neurological disturbances with stem from various diseases.
– Conditions with various functional disturbances.
– Chronic or acute pain (back pain, pain in the hands, shoulders, arms, legs, neck etc.)
– Stroke
– Paralysis
– Diseases which cause pain
– Difficulty in mobility and limitation in movement
– Sensation problems
– Acute allergy attacks
– Support of fertility, gynecological disorders
– Psychological Disorders, such as anxiety, depression, OCD,ADD,HDHD, insomnia

Information about the lecturer
David Bomzon is one of the leading therapists in Israel specializing in rehabilitive and integrative acupuncture. He is considered a leading authority on YNSA, and is regulary invited to lecture on this topic at porofessional gatherings and conferences.
He is involved in clinical research which is investigating the benefits of YNSA in neurological rehabilitation.
David teaches rehabilitive Chinese medicine and is a senior lecturer in complementary and integrative medicine at Reiman College.
He is also the founder of the Pnima Center in Haifa, Israel, which is devoted to the practice of complementary medicine in an integraqtive manner, and in which patients are encouraged to supplement the benefits of conventional medicine with complementary treatments.
Since its establishment in 2007, the center has become the leading center for Chinese Medicine in Haifa, and is the leading center for teaching YNSA in Israel.